My Research

I use a wide variety of telescopes to study the cold intergalactic, circumgalactic, and interstellar medium at high redshift. The study of neutral atomic gas at high redshift is primarily done by studying the gas in absorption against bright background sources, such as quasars. I study the strongest of these neutral hydrogen absorbers, known as Damped Lyman α Systems (DLAs).

To be specific, I use spectrographs on optical telescopes to study the properties of these absorbers, such as its kinematics, metallicity, dust content, etc. These quantities are inferred from UV absorption lines redshifted into the optical regime.

More recently, I have ventured into the sub-millimeter and radio regime. These wavelengths can probe the colder molecular gas associated with the interstellar medium of the galaxies that are associated with the gas seen in absorption. By combining information from the radio and optical, I can study the interplay between interstellar and circumgalactic gas.

Below are some highlights of the research I have done and/or am currently doing.